We have received three pairs of earrings from you. Please give our thanks to the designer – her designs are amazing! We want to thank you for making this happen and to say it has been great to work with you! We love the earrings and many people tell us they love them and ask where did we get them….We love telling them oh..Jerusalem!

— Kaye & Judy, Melbourne VIC AU

“Joyce and I got together today. She gave me the beautiful necklace she bought for me with your help. I’m wearing it now. My style as you know. It’s lovely. Thank you.
Thank you also for the sweet note sending me healing, protection and blessings from Jerusalem. Made me tear up. G-d willing I’ll be able to travel again to my beloved Israel and my cherished friends.”

— Lois, Studio City CA USA

“Somehow although it is just not the same as when we come by the store….my wonderful package of goodies arrived today, it makes me so happy!! Can’t wait to give out my presents, and can’t wait to wear the beautiful things I picked out for me. You are so good to us and that is why we love you so much. Thanks again for everything and hope to see you soon!!”

— Joanne, Savannah GA USA

“Your package arrived on Saturday and it was like Chanukah in October. Everything was packaged so beautifully and labeled for easy organization. My pilgrimage to Ethnics is always one of the highlights of our visit to Israel. It was so nice to see you and I will think of you fondly every time I wear one of my treasures.”

— Carol, Allentown PA USA

“How is it possible that this package made it from Jerusalem to California in just 3 days? Everything you sent got here in perfect shape, and it is all perfectly lovely. Thank you for your beautiful artwork and above-and-beyond personal service. It’s a pleasure to work with you.”

— Linda, San Mateo CA USA