Gift Service

BESPOKE GIFT SERVICE FOR ORGANIZATIONS/GROUPSDo you or your organization benefit from the support of your staff, major donors or volunteer contributors? If yes, we can be of help. Once or twice a year, you may wish to thank or congratulate your benefactors, staff and supporters. We offer a gift service with competitive prices so that you can easily choose a gift within your organization’s budget that is personalized and connected with the upcoming holiday season or time of year; with the added benefit of being handmade Israeli art, supporting Israeli artists of our cooperative. Gifting 50, 100, 200 or 300 people has never been this easy.

Our service includes:                        

(i)assisting you to choose an adequate gift that is both cost effective and beautiful;

(ii)individually addressing each gift with a handmade greeting card that explains the symbolism of the gift and connects it with the time of year and with  your organization;

(iii)carefully packaging and wrapping each gift; and

(iv)individually shipping each gift by insured and tracked courier to each international address, free of charge.