Terms And Conditions


1.In these Terms and Conditions the ‘Seller’ is ETHNICS Artists’ Co-operative and the ‘Buyer’ is the individual, group or corporation or other entity commissioning the purchase of the goods from the Seller. For the purposes of these Terms and Conditions the words ‘goods’ and ‘items’ shall have the same meaning.
2.ETHNICS Artists’ Co-operative subscribes to the right to privacy and undertakes to not provide any information concerning the Buyer, to any other organization.
3.Goods are hand-crafted and there may be small differences between items as illustrated and items shipped against orders. Colors, dimensions and shapes may vary, however quality will be consistent.
4.The Seller will promptly advise items not available at time of ordering and where possible, alternatives will be offered. Alternative items will not be shipped without the Buyer’s prior approval in each case.
5.Goods may be returned for refund. Reasons are not required however the Buyer’s comments will be valued.

Acceptance of returns are subject to the following:
i) Only items supplied directly by the Seller, are returnable.
ii) Returns must be sent not later than the FIFTH day after receipt by the Buyer.
iii) Durable packing materials must be used for the return shipment to the Seller.
iv) The Buyer may return the goods via surface mail or otherwise at the Buyer’s discretion.
v) The Buyer is advised to insure the goods being returned.
vi) The costs of packing, return shipment and insurance are for the Buyer’s account and are not refundable. Any collect charges for shipment will be deducted from money refunded, or if excessive, the Seller will refuse to pay such charges.
vii) When returning goods, the Buyer must at the same time advise the Seller by fax or e-mail of details of the items being returned, and of method of shipment.
viii) Proofs of receipt by the Buyer, and of return shipment to the Seller, must be sent per airmail to the Seller (not packed with goods being returned).
These Terms and Conditions are subject to the prevailing laws or regulations of the country or state to which the goods are being shipped.


Shop address: 34 Jaffa Road, Jerusalem